Still Here

Yes, I am still here. I am without internet at home at the moment.  I did a few short runs last week, nothing major. I didn’t do a long run this weekend. Trying to enjoy the holiday.


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Vacation Long run

I wasn’t too motivated during my vacation. The weather was crappy. Raining most every day. I did manage to do about 30 minutes of cross training and then on Sunday I went for a 5.7 mile run.  The run was good. My only problems were the unleashed dogs that kept coming up to me and trying to follow me. I also didn’t know the area very well and so I didn’t want to go too far from home base.  The area is very hilly , which coupled with the dogs made my time kind of slow. I will post time stats later.

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2 Legit 2 Quit

I never thought about quitting my training, but I do admit I was feeling a bit unmotivated lately. Today is the first of a few days off and I woke up to thunderstorms.  Luckily the skies cleared and I headed out around 9:30 for a 3 mile run.  The pace was slow as the humidity was high, but I did it. And yes to those of you who got the MC Hammer reference on my title,  I do have this song on my running playlist.  It along with Eye of the Tiger are great motivation songs.

Time: 51:39
Distance 3:22
Splits 15:52, 15:31, 16:07
The last .22 was a walking cool down.

Don’t forget there is still time to donate to my training.  This month’s raffle item is a cinch bag from  Those of you who haven’t donated may be interested in the September raffle item, details coming soon.

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Sleeping vs Running

Sleeping in has won the battle the past few days.  I couldn’t motivate myself to run.  So I am not sure that I will get my 4 runs in this week.  I feel like a slacker.  The marathon is in less then two months and I really need to get out of this rut.  I am going on a mini vacation this weekend so i hope that will inspire me to run. 

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Running in a downpour

Its Sunday and in my house that means long run day.  I woke up this morning and it was raining. It didn’t seem so bad so we got ready for our run.  It was about 58 degrees and I knew it was going to be an interesting run since it hasn’t been this cold or rainy in awhile. I headed downstairs and realized it wasn’t just raining it was pouring.   We thought of turning back, but since i missed last weeks run due to illness we headed out.  We did 5 miles and all I can really say is I can’t find an inch of me that didn’t get soaking wet.  The rain felt good and the temp was great, but after awhile i just felt like a drowned rat.  Our time reflects that it wasn’t super easy running soaking wet, but I am glad we did it anyway.

 Distance: 5:12
 Time : 1:18:31
Avg Pace 15:19
Splits: 15:30, 15:27, 14:22, 16:22 (stopped to find tissue in fuel belt), 14:58

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Only 13 days left to enter Raffle


I am raffling off this mesh backpack/cinch bag from iRUNLIKEAGIRL.  The bag retails for $12.00.  To be included in the raffle, you just need to donate $5.00 or more before September 1 to Team Tiara for Girls on The Run.  Help support Girls on the Run and enter to win a great bag as well.These bags are great for carrying gym clothes, diapers, snacks etc. They also make a great substitute for a purse.

I will randomly select the name from the donations recieved during this time.   You are welcome to donate more than once.  Multiple donations mean multiple entries.

Thank you in advance for your help. This is a great item and a good reason to donate if you haven’t already or to donate again.

Donations also accepted via check, contact me for details.

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3 mile Friday

Today was my longest run in at least a week if not longer. It felt good to be out and not worrying about stomach aches or the heat.  The temperature was a cool 60 and my stomach felt fine. (although a side note, the ab machine may have led to some of my problems)

Anyway the run was 3 miles and despite having some flipflop induced blisters on the mend, the run went well.  I finished in about 43 minutes.

Distance 3 miles
Time 43:06
Pace 14:05

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