I spy a ….fox?

August 4, 2007 at 3:36 pm 1 comment

We set out yesterday morning around 7:30 to run our long run for the week. We usually run our long run on Sunday, but since the hubby had to work Sunday and we had plans to be out of town Friday night/Saturday day, we decided to move our long run up a bit.

The schedule called for 6 miles and so I set out on a course I was pretty sure was around 6 miles. The sun was already out and it was pretty warm even early.  The first couple miles were uneventful, mostly sidewalks, which i dread running on. I think it is psychological, but I really hate them.

Mile 3 took us on a paved trail to the park. It is here that I saw a fox ahead.  As I got closer, it cross my path and then run aside of me for about a tenth of a mile.  I was pretty sure foxes don’t come near people, but was a bit cautious during this segment of the run. He soon scurried into the woods.  At 3.2 miles we reached the park and I stopped my garmin so hubby could use the potty, but for some reason the time was still included in my run.  Quite weird, but that explains the slow split for mile 4.  We did a loop and a half of the park 1.1 mile loop, which was quiet and shady. I saw 2 bunnies and a cardinal. I also saw a few Robins. Why do birds walk?  I mean if you could fly would you walk? I also saw a pretty butterfly.  After leaving the park, we started home.  It wasn’t until we got close to home that I realized the 6 mile run was really going to be longer.  My garmin said 6.5 miles as we got near the apartment, I made and executive decision to keep going.   I did a loop down the side street and back for a total of 7 miles. My longest run to date.

I didn’t feel that different from when I do six miles so I think that is good. I wore my new shuffle on an armband, which I liked as it was easier to control. I did wear the band a bit too tight and caused a bit of chaffing.

 Distance 7.13 miles
 Time: 1:52:11
Splits: 15:12, 14:55, 13:49, 19:22(includes bathroom stop), 16:42, 16:22, 14:13

Avg Pace: 15:57

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I’ve never seen that muscle before I run because….

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  • 1. Old Lady Running  |  August 4, 2007 at 3:45 pm

    I think I might have been a little disturbed by a fox running along side of me…
    of course you’re used to being buzzed by a vulture 🙂
    congrats on the long run!

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