5 miles

July 29, 2007 at 12:51 pm Leave a comment

I felt prepared for today’s long run. I went to sleep early and even had a light healthy snack instead ice cream for dessert to make my stomach a bit more stable.

Woke up feeling good, waited about 30 minutes before heading out. It was about 8am.  Did a warm up walk and then started the run. I was well equipped with my fuel belt filled with Propel and Sports Beans.   The sun was already hot although the temperature was still about 65.  We headed down one of the larger roads and then turned to head into a nearby park, we did 1.5 laps around the 1.1 mile path and then began our trip back home. I didn’t push it, and as a result most of my early miles are pretty slow.  We are still pretty much keeping the run 7 walk 1 pace, but at a few parts due to traffic lights and crossing streets, I stretched the time a bit farther and walked a bit longer. I also gave a runner directions with in the park so she didn’t get lost.

The run felt pretty good. I didn’t use my new shoes, I thought i shouldn’t try them for the first time on a long run, I regret this as my feet started to get sore towards the end.   We hit 5 miles about .3 from our home so we walked the rest of the way back as a cool down.

Time: 1:17:30
Distance 5 miles
Splits: 15:40, 14:57, 16:22, 15:50, 14:40
Avg Pace 15:48


Entry filed under: long run, training.

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