4 mile race

July 22, 2007 at 4:38 pm Leave a comment

Today was the 4 mile race.  We ended up getting there and getting to the line right as the race started.  I am not sure why were so late.  Temperature was pretty decent at the start, about 65.  The sun came out though and made it pretty warm. Same as last year, the main pack of runner’s too off and were never to be seen again (at least not until the ran by us doing their cool down).  We did a run 7 walk 1 pace and I think our splits turned out pretty well.  The race route is a complete square, which was fun because you just run and turn and run and turn.  There was one mile where we were running near a farm and it smelled like horse manure. It made me want to run faster.   This was a run that went into Michigan and Ohio, and we wore Michigan Gear which was fun. Last year people had up signs, but that didn’ t happen this year.

By the 3rd mile we were really hot and tired.   I listened to eye of the tiger about 3 times and tried to motivate myself to keep going.  We turned the final corner before the end and I tried to give it as much as I could.   At the very end a really tall guy who had been mostly walking tried to pass me by sprinting by, I was in full out sprint as I breezed past him to the finish.

I am not sure what my official time was and since there is no chip it will be hard to say how accurate it is.

MY garmin time was 53:49, but I forgot to turn it off at the ends.

Splits : 12:35, 13:35, 13:28, 12:47
Average pace: 13:23


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