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June 24, 2007 at 4:13 pm Leave a comment

My sparce postings are not a lack of indication of the amount of training I have been doing, I just have been busy with work and other things and haven’t sat down to update you.

Thursday – Strength training and cardio. strength training seems to be getting a bit easier ,which is good. Total work out 1:15 minutes

Friday – 3 mile run.  This was a morning run before work and all was well until I fell and skinned my knee two miles into the run. I didn’t have much choice, but to finish the run.  I thought I just skinned it, only to realize I was bleeding when  I got home. I also learned that running after strength training less then 12 hours before not a good idea.
Time: 47:58
Distance:3.21 miles
Splits: 16:13, 14:24, 14:00

Saturday- Rest Day. Did some walking and my daily push-ups/sit-ups but nothing else major.

Today (Sunday) – 4 mile run. We shortened our long run this week since we both have been so busy.  We decided to do a hilly run.
Distance: 4.02
Time: 59 minutes
Splits : 12:58, 15:24, 12:54, 15:27.   Saw a few deer as well.


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Another Run I wish it would snow

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