Happy Trails to you….

June 16, 2007 at 11:36 pm 2 comments

Today was the Happy Trails 5k, an event to benefit the Toledo metroparks. This race was one of the first races I did last year, so I was excited to see how it would be this year.  We got to the race early to pick up our chips, only for there to be a small issue with my number being duplicated.  The issue was resolved and we got ready for the race.  The race started and I was walking waiting for my feet to cross the pad to activate the chip.  I then realized that it was just a chip finish and started my run.  It was really hot and I started off too fast.   I was trying to keep a good pace, but it was definitely too fast. The first mile came and went without any major issue.  Garmin Time: 12:04

Second mile, started off ok, but there is a .2 mile stretch on a bridge that seems to go on for much longer. I can’t go fast on the bridge because the wood planks aren’t even and I fear I will fall.   I slow down and walk. It is about here that my calves start to burn.

My mom has gone ahead per my instruction, but I wish I had someone to run with. I can see her ahead and my husband behind and I trudge on. I must also mention that I couldn’t find any of my fast pace  songs on my ipod so I kept listening to Eye of the Tiger.  As I head toward mile 2, I see a big pack of runners looping around to the finish. I reach the water and pour it down my back, drinking some as well.

Mile 2 Garmin Time: 13:00 (25:04 total)

It is about this time that I end up running near a couple. They aren’t fast but they keep a steady pace. I end up passing them only for them to pass me when I walk.

I am walking more and more as the heat is beating down on me, I know I am making a decent pace to I walk when I need to.  I can still see my mom ahead, but I know I can’t catch her.   I know the end is getting near, I try to save my energy as I know the end is up hill.  I look at my garmin and see I am still under 40…I pick up the pace.   I see the woman from that couple come past me and I try to sprint past her but I can’t.  I see the finish…and sprint toward it.

Total Garmin time : 39:32.  Actual time : 39:47 (i think)

My personal best is still 39:29, but I did shave at least 1.5 minutes off my race time for this race from last year.

My mom once again placed 3rd in her age group. Go Mom.


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  • 1. ShoreTurtle  |  June 17, 2007 at 9:29 am

    Great job. It’s really hard running in the heat. Congrats on beating your time from last year. Your training is going well!

  • 2. havybeaks  |  June 18, 2007 at 6:22 pm

    Good job, especially getting so close to your PR despite the heat! Hot weather can really be rough to run in. Keep up the running!

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