Saturday Long run

May 26, 2007 at 3:34 pm Leave a comment

 I had planned on just doing a short run today and doing my longer run tomorrow with my husband in the early afternoon.  Those plans changed when his family’s barbeque got moved to tomorrow. I usually do my longer runs with someone, but  since he has to work both days this weekend and doesn’t have a day off until Monday, I decided that I would do my long run today.

I woke up though and my head felt like it was going to explode. So I stayed up for a bit and then went back to sleep for an hour or so, lucky for me the weather was cool enough that my sleeping in didn’t jeopardize my run.

I wasn’t sure how long I was going to run today. We had discussed 4 miles in the beginning of the week, but when i set out to run, I wasn’t sure how far I would go.  I picked a route that I could modify up to a certain point and headed out.

It was cool and breezy, in the low 60’s.  It had just rained so the breezy was even a bit misty at times.  I started off a slow pace and just plotted along.  1 mile , 2 miles, 3 miles into a park, through the park trail  and then I started back home . At this point I was on Mile 4.  I started to head back home, this was mile 5.  Still feeling ok a bit tired, but because the temperature was nice I kept getting a nice breeze.  I could have headed home at 5.2 miles but I pasted my house and did the last mile for a total of 6.10 miles.

Total distance: 6:1 miles
Time: 1:36:03
Splits: 16:19, 15:33, 16:18m, 14:20, 15:20, 15:07

Its interesting to note that I got my second wind in the 4 mile and did my fastest splits in the second half of the run.


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