10k Completed

May 6, 2007 at 3:21 pm 2 comments

The Burns Park 10k was this morning.  It was 45 around start time, and darn cold. The 5k started before us, I wished I was doing the 5k. 

The 10k started and soon the pack was out far ahead of and almost out of sight.  I guess I knew it was coming. I had looked at the race times last night and saw that everyone was pretty fast.
The first 3 miles felt like the normal 5k, the temperature warmed a bit. It was pretty much the three of us, my mom, my husband and I.  There was one woman who was slightly ahead of us and some of the 5k walkers, but no other runners.  We at one point around this time got lapped by the leaders,  a male (finished in 32:44) and female (finished in 38:00). 

It was weird because everyone assumed we were doing the 5k and was cheering us on , saying “oh only a little more to go, its all down hill from now on, and just a round the corner and you are done. ”  At this point I shouted back, we’ve got one more lap.    We finished loop one , the 5k in about 40.20.   At this point as we turned to do the second loop, it was really just the three us.   We were keeping a steady pace, walking when we needed, but running mostly.  Mile 3-4 weren’t bad , it was here that we pretty much on our own completely, the woman ahead of us was now almost out of site, I just concentrated on trying to finish, walking more, running slower.  Reached the 8k mark, 1:06:14, faster then the shamrock. Mile 5,  running farther in a race then I had done before. The volunteers had pretty much left, making it impossible at some points to see which way to go, we made a wrong turn.  This through me for a loop and I started to go a bit faster at this point, nervous we were lost completely, luckily we found our away back pretty quickly. We just changed the route a bit, same distance, different path. 

As we headed to mile 6,  I knew we were almost done, still not sure which way to go ,asking people as we ran by them, clarifying every few yards.  Finally I see the home stretch and its all down hill, I don’t mean to but I speed up leaving my mom and husband behind. I just had to finish before 1:25 that was my goal as I got closer.  Strides getting faster, trying not to deflate before the finish line.   Crossing finish line,  clock time 1:24:35, garmin time 1:23:35.    I finished, I  did it.    Of course there was no one to cut my chip off, I did it myself and then watched my mom and husband cross moments later,  cutting off their chips.  The guy running the clock started packing up.     The run felt pretty good , I knew we weren’t fast, but knowing we could finish is a good feeling.

Later on the official results were posted.  Official time: 1:23:36.   Good to see that only 155 people did the 10k and I was one of them.

I may have beaten my Mom, but she placed 3rd in her age group, which is pretty cool.

Overall it was a good day of a run.  I think next time I do a 10k, I need to pick a one with a bigger field.  So we won’t be in the bottom 3.

Off to nap.


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  • 1. havybeaks  |  May 6, 2007 at 7:08 pm

    Congrats! Sounds like a good race, especially if you met your goal. Keep it up!

  • 2. Princess Runner  |  May 6, 2007 at 9:44 pm

    Yay!! Great job! (and congrats to your hubby and mom too!)

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